NNERGIX, one of OpenAxel´s 2016 winners, has raised 720.000 € funding round to accelerate growth

The capital increase of the cleantech sector startup NNERGIX (www.nnergix.com), led by the venture capital fund Victoria Venture Capital (www.victoriascr.com) specialized in technological and innovative companies, has been signed.
The startup NNERGIX develops and sales an online technological platform that allows forecasting, in the coming hours or up to 15 days in advance, the energy to be generated in a wind farm or solar power facility; all this from weather forecasting and large amounts of data analysis generated in the power sector in real time.
The main investment goal is to promote business growth globally, by expanding business activity in other continents as the American or Asian. Nowadays, the company already has a client portfolio in 10 countries on 4 continents.

The 720.000 € round of financing has been led by Victoria and accompanied by the startup prior investors KIC InnoEnergy (www.kic-innoenergy.com), an European specialized fund in renewable energies sector, as well as Business Angels and other funding lines.
Finally, in the last quarter, Nnergix has been awarded and recognized by INCENSe (organized by Enel and Endesa) and OpenAxel (Telefonica) as one of the startups with more potential growth at European level. During this 2016, Nnergix has also initiated collaborations with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop and improve its predictive technology from satellite images.

Barcelona, May 3rd, 2016.