Robot Technology Transfer Network Vouchers

From 2016-04-29 00:00:00 to 2016-07-13 00:00:00

Germany / United Kingdom / Spain / Denmark

This open call will grant vouchers, consisting on free consulting hours, to anyone (companies of any size, universities and research centres) with a concrete idea, challenge or development project related to industrial robotics. These innovative entrepreneurial project must be based on robot technology explicitly relating to one of the following two themes and to one or more of the challenges identified under the selected theme: 1. Industrial robotics (Robots performing repetitive, dirty or dangerous tasks in an industrial setting): * Challenge 1.1: Human-robot interaction (HRI). * Challenge 1.2: New generation of robotics. * Challenge 1.3: Robot sensing and perception. * Challenge 1.4: Service robots in industrial applications. * Challenge 1.5: Assembly and manufacturing automation. 2. Professional service robotics (Typically mobile robots performing logistical, domestic and other non-industrial tasks): * Challenge 2.1: Human-robot interaction (HRI). * Challenge 2.2: New generation of service robotics. * Challenge 2.3: Robot sensing and perception. * Challenge 2.4: Assistive robotics. * Challenge 2.5: Specific service robotics applications. 64 projects will be selected to receive a ROBOTT-NET voucher, entitling users to approximately 400 hours of free consulting with robotics experts from all over Europe. By the end of the voucher program, applicants will have developed a plan detailing the technical innovation needed (path-to-product or automation design) and the business case for product maturation or robot automation. Throughout the process, ROBOTT-NET will hold Open Lab events in Denmark, Germany, Spain and UK. These events will promote state-of-the-art industrial and professional service robot technologies to robot developers, investors, end-users and others to help participants develop their network. Eight of the original 64 projects will then be selected for even further development assistance. For these eight finalist projects, ROBOTT-NET will team each project with a real-world case and the technology will be implemented in a pilot.Winning projects are granted in two rounds, with submission deadlines on July, 13th and December, 14th, 2016. For the first round, applications for vouchers can be submitted until July, 13th, 2016. After this first cut off date, expert evaluators will rate all received applications and on September, 15th, it will be announced who has been selected to receive the first round of “golden tickets”.