OpenAxel Week

(6th-10th October 2014)

The first batch of start-ups was proudly announced during the OpenAxel week, on the occasion of the South Summit in Madrid, in which the Spanish capital was to play host to a gathering of some of Europe’s most promising startups, including the 15 shortlisted contestants in the contest organized by the Open Acceleration community OpenAxel. The winners were awarded with and immersion bootcamp in Silicon Valley, credits that add up to almost $100,000 per team and individual coaching plans including specific mentoring sessions.

Contest winners



On top of receiving top-class mentoring from outstanding experts, they also had the chance to network with investors and other key stakeholders that will be present in The South Summit, one of the leading startup conferences in the South of Europe where the best talent from Europe and Latin America meet the leading investors and most innovative companies from around the world. A unique networking opportunity!
Agustín Moro
Agustín MoroWayra
Cedrik Kutlu
Cedrik KutluFool Funds / Global Shaper
Pilar Gil Villar
Pilar Gil VillarQUO / pitch trainer
South Summit
South Summit
Paolo Borella
Paolo BorellaAppCampus
Alejandro Ramirez
Alejandro RamirezOpinno
MediaLab Prado
MediaLab Prado
Investor Cocktail
Investor Cocktail
Adrián Ferrero
Adrián FerreroEconet
Eli Rabek
Eli RabekOpinno