Psicoanálisis y literatura: Temas selectos en un diálogo interdisciplinario

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Adolfo Bimer Santiago, Chile currently lives and works in Santiago. His work questions health and disease through the fields of medical imagery using both traditional and industrial materials from painting and construction. Her live performances, sound and video works have been part of several exhibitions in museums and galleries in America and Europe. Along with Sarah Demeuse, she is part of Rivet, a project that operates on an expanded curatorial field with an emphasis on notions of deployment, circulation, exercise and resonance.

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In this way, The Labyrinth is a reading of the history of Mexico in relation to a personal history. Based on this analysis, the author will make an assessment, and then invite the reader to become aware of their manner of speaking. Tiene la dosis académica adecuada y necesaria. We show that constant returns to reproducible factors the leading case in the endogenous growth literature is a bifurcation point, and that it has the characteristics of a transcritical bifurcation. In rainy Vancouver, the adopted family of friends made life not only bearable, but actually very fun, thanks to the shared moments together either camping, kayaking, brewing Chelangona, walking in the mountains or drinking a pint of dark ale at Steamworks.

Nabil Ahmed is a researcher and writer working on environmental conflict and forensic architecture. His writings have appeared in Third Text, Volume and many other publications. Martha Kirszenbaum is the founding director and curator of Fahrenheit, an exhibition space and residency program in Los Angeles.

Myriam Ben Salah b. She co-edits F. She lives and works in Berlin and Mexico. Ashkan Sepahvand is a writer, translator, and researcher. His practice traces associations from within the histories of the body, the sensory, sexuality, imagination, celebration, transformation, futurity, queerness, collectivity, ritual, and the self.

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He lives and works in Berlin. She is currently pursuing a Masters in eological Studies at Harvard Divinity School focused on women, religion and sexuality. Juliana is interested in the religious lives of women in general, and in the strategies that they have used to explore and express their spirituality in particular.

Her goal as a scholar and a writer is to contribute to the recovery of the female voice of religious history. Until , his art practice and writing can be described as poetic-conceptual and political. His artworks and writings are like avatars in a matrix within which Bucher perceives himself as a sort of witness. Natalia Valencia b. Eduardo Basualdo lives and works in Buenos Aires. His work explores space as an elastic concept, questioning the principle of reality and the concept of the limit.

Adriana Minoliti creates pictorial work out of a mix of geometry and queer theory. Geometry is used to represent and imagine a transhuman utopia, within which gender theories can be applied to pictorial language and nd new ways of experiencing the visual world. She lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founder and editor of Terremoto, and co-director of Petunia magazine, Dupuis is a dedicated feminist, her curatorial practice and writings seek to expose, question and challenge power structures in the eld of art.

He works as a curator, writer, and artist. His dissertation Digging rough Time: Psychogeographies of Occupation focused on the ways that contemporary artists in Israel-Palestine and Lebanon address history. He is currently working on New Cities Future Ruins, a convening inviting artists and designers to re-imagine the extreme urbanism of the Western Sun Belt. Her research focuses both on the spiritual in contemporary art and on the role played by the circulation of artists a er World War II. Frank Baez has published three books of poetry, one of short stories, and three books of non ction.

He is a member of the artist collective El Hombrecito www. He lives in the Dominican Republic. Irmgard Emmelhainz is an independent researcher and writer.

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She has lectured and taught at an array of international institutions. Her work has been translated to German, Italian, Norwegian, French, English, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, and Serbian for magazines and journals specializing in cinema, art, politics, and culture. Trajal Harrell is a dancer and choreographer.

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Xavier Acarin is a curator and researcher from Barcelona currently based in New York. Her research focuses on the different cultural understandings in gender, sex, class and skin tonalities between Latin America and Anglo North America, and their intersection with visual culture. She is the author of the book Mujercitos Editorial RM. Packer transits between discursive and performative practices operating to reconfigure the grammar of social spaces, proposing the production of situations as relational fields for collective learning dynamics and knowledge production.

He has co-organized educational programs at Ludlow 38, New York, U. There they collaborate in Patio Workshop, a meeting and exchange space in the backyard of their house. Their daily and artistic practices respond to their context and circumstances and are made from available resources. He teaches at Paris Sorbonne University.

Her work spans experimental and documentary video art, multimedia, editorial and web development. From relationships, narrative and experimentation she seeks to activate collective and interdisciplinary processes that create connections between art, technology and ancestral knowledge. His research interests cross the study of intuition, fiction and nonsense with the possibilities offered by poetic creation. He writes regularly on contemporary art.

She is an artist working with machines which express her political engagement against all forms of physical or psychological violence, ever since his discovery of electronic art making during his residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam He joins his interest in science, robotics and programming with environmental and cultural activism. His work focuses on environmental issues in the district of Milpa Alta, south of Mexico City, where he and his family live.

Her projects explore devices and systems of representation, language, economics, communication, law, gender studies and colonialism. His novel, A man in a room spray painting a fly was published by Book Works. He is based in Vancouver. That is precisely from where Jose Aramburo begins his dizzying climb downhill, like Sisyphus without a rock. Elise Lammer b. Calero is represented by Laura Bartlett Gallery, London.

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He lives and works in Guadalajara. TRansHistor ia. Independent curator and critic. Mohammad Salemy is an artist and independent curator based in Vancouver and New York. Malavasi L. Professor, Universidad de los Andes. Sometimes he draws, sometimes he writes. Lives and works between Recife and Lisbon. She holds a double major on History of Art and Modern Literature. She is co-founder of Zona de Desgaste, an independent space dedicated to writing and analysis of contemporary art in Mexico City. She develops independently exhibitions and editorial projects that seek novel strategies that may potentialize and animate archives related to the development of national narratives and identities.

He was part of the independent study program at SOMA and is founder and co-director of Bikini Wax, an independent contemporary art space. Her research interests and curatorial practice are focused on minor historical narratives that question hegemonic forms of knowledge, especially non-postmodern critiques of modernity. Maria Virginia Jaua is a writer, editor, critic and cultural researcher.

She directs the online magazine of art criticism and cultural analysis Salonkritik. She lectures and conducts workshops about art, writing, and image analysis. She has collaborated with artists and musicians in different productions and she develops most of her work within this interdisciplinary field.

He is the author of three books and of innumerable critical and narrative texts. He was part of the curatorial team of the 9 th Bienal do Mercosul in Porto Alegre He currently works as a curator in the 19th Festival of Contemporary Art Sesc Videobrasil and develops projects as an independent curator for different institutions.

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Arden Decker is an art historian based in Mexico City. Her academic research focuses on the development of ephemeral art and strategies of institutional intervention in s and s Mexico. His work is informed by counter-histories that deal with power and political exclusion. Cameron Shaw received her B. As a writer, her articles, interviews, and essays have appeared in publications including Artforum.

Eduardo Abaroa is a Mexican artist working with installation and sculpture.

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In he founded Guayaba Press, an independent publishing house and curatorial platform based in Mexico City. He recently curated Linear Imaginations Sicardi Gallery, Houston, and From Here to Afternoon Laura Lee Blanton Gallery, Houston, , an exhibition on the accumulation and projection of movements within dance, photography, economy, labor struggle and sculpture. Haggren currently lives in Berlin, and is at work on projects in Houston and Stockholm, where he attends CuratorLab, an experimental seminar for curatorial projects.

She has organized exhibitions in Berlin and New York City, and has participated in the educational programming of biennales in Berlin, Gwangju and Shanghai. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in art history at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU, on the intersection between ecological thinking and art history.

He is a PhD candidate at Birkbeck in London. He writes about process philosophy, film and music video,and science fiction. Chris Sharp is an American writer and independent curator based in Mexico City, where and he and the artist Martin Soto Climent run the project space Lulu.

She has written columns for the newspaper El Espectador , the magazine Arcadia and Semana. Former member of the Writers Association of Guatemala and co-founder of the Folio collective. In he was Associate Curator of the 10th Gwangju Biennale.